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Electrifying the world.

We are passionate about clean energy. Utilizing our know-how in energy management to the fullest, we are influencing electrification in the e-mobility world for a cleaner tomorrow.

About AMP
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Headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in Detroit, Bengaluru, London, and Shanghai, AMP is a global leader in energy 
management solutions for e-mobility. Since 2017, AMP has 
advanced energy and battery management technologies, through 
industry-leading software, hardware, and the cloud.

AMP continues to 
push mobility further from intelligent battery management 
platforms to robust fast-charging systems and complete cloud 

With more than 300 years of cumulative experience in the industry, the AMP team is curating the world’s safest and most robust energy management solutions for e-mobility.

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Our Brain Power

Driving electrification since inception

Meet our Advisors

An incredible group with a wealth of experience

AMP Mission

Our Mission

To make energy management seamless 
whether managing energy in your vehicle, 
your home, or to and from the grid utilizing 
systems that leverage hardware, software, and cloud integration.

AMP Mission
AMP Vision

Our Vision

To empower cleaner and more affordable 
mobility to the world.

Our Core Values

What we believe in. What we live for.

  • I – Improve the world
  • D – Disregard the speed limit
  • E – Enjoy what we do
  • A – Appreciate customers, team, and family
  • ! – Innovation over politics