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Innovation is a complete energy ecosystem for e-mobility and not just a component. We have developed an energy management system catering to end-to-end energy management for electric vehicles and beyond.

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AMP Energy Management System


Early failure mode detection from cells to packs identifies critical issues that can be dealt with much earlier preventing wide-scale recalls and saving cost.

Mitigate Thermal Runaway

Prevents thermal runaway by automatically detecting faulty cells in the battery and providing notice in advance of a potential fire incident.

Integrated Platform

Highly integrated, an all-in-one OS with charging, battery management, and cloud solutions developed with AMP's software and hardware.

Bi-directional Capability

V2G/V2X-enabled software and hardware give you the flexibility to run your home or small business during blackouts.


We combine state-of-the-art hardware and the world's #1 charging software via AMP's ampOS to save costs by $500+ per vehicle.


Thermal Runaway


V2G + Bi-directional

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ampLOGIC + Battery Management + Charging

Energy Management System for EV


AMP EMS, the all-in-one energy management system by AMP, combines Cloud, Battery Management, and Charging Solutions. AMP EMS aims to maximize the vehicle range while ensuring that the battery is operated within safe levels.

Optimizing the performance and efficiency of electric vehicles while keeping them safe, the AMP Energy Management System offers unique benefits:

  • Lowers Cost
  • Improves Range
  • Prevents Vehicle Recall
  • Mitigates Thermal Runaway
  • Maximizes Battery Lifetime
  • Fastest Time-To-Market

Want the entire AMP EMS in one solution? Check our ampEMU -The ‘Energy Management Unit’ now.

ampLOGIC - Intelligence for Automotive Data


ampLOGIC is a cloud-hosted solution providing a suite of tools and services that are used to organize, manage, manipulate, explore, and interact with high-frequency physical signal automotive big data using ETL technology. It allows the analysis of time-based data by automatically modeling it and utilizing interactive visualizations to extract specific information from physical signals.

This cloud-based analytics platform can be used to build and deploy machine learning models that can help to optimize battery 
performance and extend battery life. This process massively reduces the 
amount of information contained in the raw signals and drastically reduces the cost of storing the data in a data warehouse.

ampLOGIC - Intelligence for Automotive Data
Battery Management System for EV

Battery Management

AMP’s battery management solutions comprise the world’s most compact and scalable Battery Management Systems (BMS). Together with ampLOGIC, AMP’s BMS offers maximum scalability (packaging considerations) and compact designs. AMP BMS is available for both low-voltage (micro-mobility) and high-voltage applications.

AMP’s BMS is innovatively designed for optimal use of the battery pack, yielding high cell utilization and accurate state of charge (SoC) and state of health (SoH). It leverages proven software algorithms and provides high configurability for various battery architectures and electric vehicle applications.

The BMS is essential to a high-performance energy management system (EMS). AMP EMS leverages state-of-the-art BMS technologies to make sure that the energy management system is efficient and most safe.

DC Fast Charging for EV


Our charging solutions offer ultrafast charging and bi-directional capability. AMP’s charging solutions comprise the CCS Software Stack, the Electric Vehicle Charge Controller (EVCC), and the Fast Charge Junction Box (FCJB). These innovative combinations of software and hardware enable an effortless interface to the existing charging architectures.

AMP has developed the most-dense onboard charger in the world at over 2 kW per liter power density, which is integrated with a DC-DC and fast charge contactors for a complete AC & DC solution. AMP’s charging solutions are compatible with the world’s leading charging
standards like CCS, Tesla NACS, CHAdeMO, ChaoJi, and GB/T.

DC Fast Charging for EV

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Ford Motor Company

Ford acquired AMP on Nov 1, 2023