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Highly integrated software and hardware for energy management of electric vehicle applications. From Big-data driven battery analytics to V2G, AMP EMS has everything you need for efficient energy management.

AMP Energy Management System

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THE AMP Energy management unit

We have developed a combined solution that has the entire AMP EMS inbuilt in it. ampEMU is a highly integrated solution having software and hardware for the energy management of electric vehicles.

It is a combination of DC-DC, OBC, and PDU, all-in-one integrated with an electric vehicle charge controller (EVCC) and ampLOGIC, a cloud-hosted big-data analytics workspace. A few of the ampEMU unique benefits are:

  • Saves Cost
  • Accelerates Development
  • Improves Range
  • Faster Time-to-Market
Cloud Battery Intelligence


ampLOGIC is a high-performance ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) workspace for time-series big data computing. It is a hosted platform 
that provides a suite of tools and services that are used to store, organize, manage, process, explore and interact with high-frequency 
physical signal time-series big data. This simplified data can then be analyzed to detect patterns and anomalies, which can help to 
predict battery failure and identify other performance issues.

Cloud Battery Intelligence
AMP Battery Management System

Battery Management

Battery management solutions by AMP comprise the world’s most compact and scalable Battery Management System. Together with ampLOGIC, AMP’s BMS, available for both low and high-voltage applications, offers more scalability (packaging considerations) and a compact design, that can be customized as per specific needs.

DC Fast Charging for EV


Deploying future-proof architecture, our charging solutions offer ultrafast charging and bi-directional capability. AMP’s charging solutions comprise the CCS Software Stack, the Electric Vehicle Charge Controller (EVCC), and the Fast Charge Junction Box (FCJB). These innovative combinations of software and hardware enable an effortless interface to the existing charging architectures.

DC Fast Charging for EV

AMP EMS - The 'Energy Management System' for Electric Vehicles

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