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AMP's Charging Software is automotive-grade and MISRA compliant, offering ISO 15118 and DIN 70121 implementation.

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AMP’s CCS Software Stack is the best EV charging software and #1 in the world offering ISO 15118 and DIN 70121 implementation. Enabling a rapid charging gateway for electric vehicle applications, our software supports V2G (Vehicle to Grid) for charging battery and supplying power back to the grid.

Designed to support global charging standards, including CCS (both CCS1 & CCS2), GB/T, Tesla NACS, and CHAdeMO, our software stack provides the ideal solution for any market. Unlike many alternatives, our charge communication software does not require a Linux environment to function. AMP CCS Charging Software is written entirely in C within an RTOS environment and can therefore be ported to a low-cost embedded platform.

Our Combined Charging System Software Stack supports both AC and DC charging making it the most versatile and flexible EV charge management software available. It is highly future proof enabling V2G or V2L, allowing EV owners to take advantage of new technologies as they become available.

Proprietary CODEC






With V2G (Vehicle to Grid) proprietary CODEC and highly flexible architecture, our EV smart charging software stack is available for a variety of applications and is fully packed with high-efficiency benefits:

Faster time-to-market:
Our charging stack is highly standardized on the global charging standards to reduce the time and effort to develop and deploy electric vehicle applications.

Off-the-Shelf Solution: Readily available to meet the strict demands of the industry, our charge management software is automotive-grade and MISRA compliant.

Highly Customizable: As per the needs of EV manufacturers, our software stack offers custom integration to include specific features and functionalities required.

Robust and Flexible:
Offering a high degree of flexibility, AMP's charging software supports both AC and DC charging making it versatile and robust. It also enables you to migrate from CCS1 to Tesla NACS conveniently.

DC Fast Charging for EV

Future Proof:
Ready to support future advancements in EV technology, our electric vehicle charging software provides the benefits of new technologies as they become available.

Secure: AMP's CCS software stack adheres to the stringent requirements of ISO 15118 providing secure communication between the EV and the charging station.

Allows EV charging at any CCS-compatible charging station, irrespective of the manufacturer.

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Answered by AMP Charging Software Experts

No. Alongside CCS charging standard, AMP charging software for electric vehicles also supports NACS, CHAdeMO, ChaoJi, and GB/T.

AMP offers a complete CCS Software Stack framework that allows integrators to simply develop custom EVCC hardware that interacts with DIN 70121 and ISO 15118 compliant EVSEs. AMP’s software needs QCA7005 modems to function.

AMP’s charging software for electric vehicles needs 3 to 12 weeks for integration depending on the level of maturing of the vehicle.

Yes. Team of software experts from AMP offer complete support during integrations.

AMP CCS Software Stack for EV can support both AC and DC charging. It supports Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 DC fast charging efficiently.

AMP charging management software supports the two widely adopted payment authorization modes:

  • PnC – Plug and Charge
  • EIM – External Identification Means
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