Complete Energy Management System

ampEMU - The 'AMP Energy Management Unit'

An integrated energy management system for electric vehicle applications to optimize energy usage and monitoring, reducing the overall cost of EV ownership.

Energy Management Unit by AMP
Energy Management System for EV



ampEMU, the AMP Energy Management Unit, is a combination of a DC to DC Convertor, On-Board Charger (OBC), and Power Distribution (PDU), with DC fast charge capabilities (500A), all-in-one.

The ampEMU is a comprehensive energy management system that manages the complete energy supply chain in an electric vehicle, from the vehicle’s charging infrastructure to battery management. It is backed by ampLOGIC for automotive big data analytics preventing battery degradation and enabling optimizations. ampEMU is compliant with the CCS, Tesla NACS, and CHAdeMO.

AMP’s EMU utilizes the latest SiC technology from Wolfspeed to drastically reduce the power electronics packaging volume. This extremely compact unit will save space and reduce the vehicle’s overall weight, thereby improving range. EMU has the entire AMP Ecosystem in one unit offering cloud connectivity (ampLOGIC), battery management, power distribution unit, and charging solutions highly integrated with each other.

Annual Bonus
Saved per Vehicle
Less Power Stage Volume
Power Stage Density
Ultra-Fast Charging
Ultra-Fast Charging
Bi-directional Charger


Energy Management System for EV

Experience performance and efficiency like never before with ampEMU, the complete energy management system for electric vehicle applications.

1/3 Size of M3/MY Equivalent
The compact size of ampEMU makes it easy to fit. This reduces the overall volume of the vehicle sub-system making it lighter and thereby increasing its range.

Connected Cloud Analytics
Connected with our cloud-hosted ampLOGIC, this combined unit provides big-data analytics for vehicle degradation prevention and optimizations.

ASIL C Safety Rated
Highly robust with exceptional fault tolerance and redundancy, ampEMU is ASIL C safety rated.

HVIL Protection
High voltage interlock loop protection ensuring protection against electric shock and fire, with protecting battery and compliance with safety standards.

Energy Management System for EV

AUTOSAR Architecture
Enabling standardized software architecture ensuring scalability, flexibility, improved quality, and reduced complexity.

Highly Customizable
With an ability to be tailored for specific needs and smooth integration with existing vehicle infrastructure, ampEMU offers extreme customization capabilities.

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Answered by AMP Experts

ampEMU is an integrated solution that combines a DC-DC convertor, onboard charger (OBC), power distribution unit (PDU), and charge controller for electric vehicles all in one. It is a combined solution that is equivalent to a complete energy management system for passenger, commercial, and heavy-duty vehicles.

ampEMU, the Energy Management Unit by AMP, integrates different components in one unit that comes with various benefits:

  • Small packaging reduces overall weight and space utilization
  • Easy and unified software management
  • System level integration
  • Fewer harnesses
  • Cost Savings

Generation 1 of ampEMU, called ampEMU 400, can be deployed in all passenger and commercial vehicles using a 400 V battery architecture.

AMP will be enabling 800 V battery architecture vehicles as well with Generation 2 of ampEMU, ready to be deployed by Q2 2024. It will be compatible with various types of e-mobility applications like marine, and heavy-duty commercial, construction, and agricultural vehicles like trucks, buses, excavators, tractors, and more.

Generation 1 of ampEMU is completely off the shelf and is ready to be deployed for all electric vehicle applications. Generation 2 is currently under development that will be available by Q2 2024.

ampEMU 400 – Generation 1 of AMP Energy Management Unit combines DC DC, OBC, PDU (optional and customizable), and EVCC, with DC fast charging capabilities for a 400 V battery architecture.

ampEMU 800 – Generation 2 of AMP Energy Management Unit combines the generation 1 ampEMU capabilities with a BMS, powering 800 V battery architecture and enabling bi-directional charging (V2G).

The default PDU has 6 high voltage ports – 3 for low current and 3 for high current. However, the PDU can be customized and tailor-made as per project requirements.

ampEMU supports CCS1, CCS2, NACS, CHAdeMO, and ChaoJi charging standards. Furthermore, it supports all charging types – Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3, single phase and 3 Phase AC and DC fast charging.

No. The unit is developed to provide maximum power density in a smaller unit ensuring maximum efficiency and performance.

Ford Motor Company

Ford acquired AMP on Nov 1, 2023