DC Fast Charger for EVs

Enabling level 2 and level 3 DC fast charging (DCFC)

AMP's DCFC FCJB is a combination of electric vehicle charge controller with high-voltage contactor control enabling level 2, 3 DC fast charging for electric vehicles.

Level 3 DC Fast Charging
DC Fast Charging for EV


Our Fast Charge Junction Box is engineered to meet the strict demands of passenger, commercial and heavy-duty vehicles. Reliability is the key to EV charging, which is entirely ensured by AMP’s FCJB enabling DCFC.

AMP’s compact Fast Charge Junction Box (FCJB) solution is a combination of AMP’s industry-leading Combined Charging System Software (CCS Software Stack) embedded in the Electric Vehicle Charge Controller (EVCC) with high voltage contactor control, which facilitates communication between EVSE and the vehicle, enabling DCFC (Level 3 DC Fast Charging).

Being the market leader in power electronics, FCJB by AMP forms a responsive interface between the electric vehicle’s battery and the fast charging station, managing energy flow between them, and ensuring safe and effective charging. It is packed with high voltage and current handling capabilities, with effective safety measures in place. 

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DCFC by AMP's FCJB facilitates EV rapid charging. This is achieved by continuous high voltage and high current levels flowing in both the vehicle and the EVSE systems. AMP's FCJB comprise of features which makes it unique in various ways:

Off-the-Shelf (OTS) Solution:
Being readily available and able to be customized per the customer's specific needs in real-time, our DC Fast Charging Solution is completely off-the-shelf.

Extremely Safe:
With features like overvoltage and overcurrent protection, we ensure robust safety protocols are met during the development and testing phase.

Ultrafast Charging:
With a peak current up to 350A, AMP's FCJB enables Level 3 DC Fast Charging (DCFC) functionality with the blend of integrated software and hardware for electric vehicles.

Future Proof:
The CCS Software Stack embedded on the FCJB, makes it future proof by enabling it to support future advancements in EV technology.

High Interoperability:
AMP’s FCJB can cater to Level 3 DC Fast Charging requirements for a variety of charging standards – CCS, GB/T, or CHAdeMO.

High Durability:
Our Fast Charge Junction Box is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions to provide consistent performance throughout its lifetime.

Easy Integration:
The flexible and modular design of our DCFC Charger enables easy integration with the existing vehicle architectures ensuring continuous supply of high charging power to it.

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AMP’s Fast Charge Junction Box (FCJB) is a sub-system of the charging solutions in the AMP Energy 
Management System. It has both hardware and software along with contactor controls to facilitate not only level 2 DC fast charging capabilities but also level 3 DC fast charging for electric vehicle applications offering unique benefits:

  • Faster time-to-market

  • Easy integration to the existing vehicle architecture

  • Fully integrated and tested solution

  • Accelerated development

  • Robust, safe, and flexible

  • Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Enabled

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Answered by AMP Experts

A Fast Charge Junction Box, also known as a DC Fast Charger, is an electrical device used to provide high-power DC charging for electric vehicles. AMP FCJB is a combination of a charge controller with DC contactors in a single unit, backed up by AMP’s proven software stack for EV charging.

The FCJB (Fast Charge Junction Box) communicates with the charging station and identifies the charge communication protocol needed. It communicates the voltage and current requested by the BMS to the charging station while monitoring communication with the charging station and EV ensuring proper connectivity between the two. In case of any communication breach, it safely disengages the vehicle from the charging process. It also incorporates the control of the DC charging contactors for electric vehicles.

The operation of the DC fast charge contactors is brought into the FCJB reducing the need for external contactors and monitoring the charge sequence. It has inbuilt software capabilities to control the DC contactors, making it a combined unit.

Yes. The FCJB is typically compatible with any electric vehicle that allows DC fast charge capabilities.

AMP FCJB monitors the internal temperatures of the high-voltage components to prevent any thermal event. It also monitors the EV inlet temperatures and ensures safe operations. It controls the locking of the inlet at the vehicle side to ensure the charge station connector cannot be removed during DC charging and makes sure that the vehicle is stationary during the charging process.

The EVCC communicates with the charging station to identify the needed charge communication protocol. It relays the BMS’s requested voltage and current to the charging station. It monitors communication with the charging station and EV ensuring proper connectivity between the two and if there is any communication breach, it safely disengages the vehicle from the charging process.

AMP FCJB is completely future proof. It is compatible with ISO 15118 -20 enabling di-directional charging (V2G). It can support the grid by supplying power back to it when needed.

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