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Unlocking 'V2X' Potential

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Vehicle to Grid

UNderstand V2x WITH AMP

Everyone is excited about the fast-paced adoption of EVs. However, EVs can negatively affect the capacity and stability of the grid. 

V2X (Vehicle to X: Grid, home, or anything else) is an innovation that can help to balance the grid by providing a source of flexible, clean energy by supplying energy back to it. Let’s deep dive with AMP experts in this webinar session for all you need to know about V2X.


  • Why do we need distributed energy storage solutions?
  • What is V2X, the ‘Power Wall on Wheels’?
  • The impact of V2X.
  • What do you need to implement V2X?
  • V2X-enabled charging solutions
  • The Connected Energy Management System (CEMS)

KNOW the speaker

Matthew Gonzalez, PhD

Battery Scientist at AMP

Matthew is the Battery Systems Expert at AMP, developing advanced battery characterization and control techniques by coupling next-generation energy management hardware systems with cloud-enabled data analytics. He is focused on understanding the fundamental degradation modes and underlying failure mechanisms of battery systems.

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