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Enabling V2G

EV Battery as Energy Storage for the Grid

Transforming the generation, storage, and distribution of energy

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The introduction of EVs in our daily lives and the evolution of power grids have converged to offer a promising solution to some of the most pressing challenges in energy management. The Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology holds immense potential for transforming how we generate, store, and distribute energy.

Unveil the unknown facts about this revolutionary technology changing the EV landscape and creating new opportunities for the EV owners.

This exclusive white paper on V2G by Dr. Jiaqi Liang outlines:

  • Current challenges in energy management

  • Benefits of EV batteries as energy storage for the grid

  • EV Batteries: Types and Overview

  • Traditional energy storage methods

  • Advantages of using EV batteries for grid energy storage

  • Pros and cons

  • Case Studies

Dr. Jiaqi Liang, Director - Hardware


Dr. Jiaqi Liang
VP of Hardware Engineering at AMP

Jiaqi has always been an integral part of the technical core teams at the biggest names in the industry like Virgin Hyperloop and ABB. He is the director of hardware at AMP with a strong focus on designing and developing battery and energy management solutions for e-mobility applications. Being a power electronics expert, Jiaqi has delivered the first multi-megawatt linear propulsion subsystem test and the full-scale integrated hyperloop system test at VHO’s Nevada test site. Jiaqi has co-invented more than 10 patents and co-authored more than 30 technical papers.


Learn more about the V2G technology, its PROs and CONs, and how it is transforming the EV industry.